Sep 26, 2012

Cuffing Season 2012: Are you ready?

The cool tinge in the air is a clear sign Cuffing Season 2012 is upon us. It feels like it was just yesterday everyone was securing their Fall/Winter 2011 Cuff, but a new season is here and it's time to play ball!

While some people are quick to hold onto hopes and dreams of summer heat, others are using this nice transitional period to scour their list of summer dips...see who has real Fall/Winter cuff potential. Some people are good for fun in the sun, while others are prime for being nestled up during the cold months.

It's always "Cuff Season" in the land of Ishea
It's best to treat October and November as an audition period. The weather is warm enough to be social and out in these streets, yet cool enough to bring more activities indoors. You have 2 months to see if someone irks your "inside the house" life force and are best left to rooftops and sunshine... OR if they can light up your life when the skies are cold and gray.

In my world it's always cuff season! I'm a creature of comfort and like to have consistency and stability in my life. I set out to find the "Ultimate Cuff" - - the magical individual that works all seasons, rain or shine... not just someone to keep me warm November - February. I'm actually happiest not playing the dating game which can sometimes feel like Russian Roulette lol. As evidence in the picture to the right, I'm currently a happy camper!

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