Sep 13, 2012

Q&A with @NoirCPA

Earlier this year my other half launched Noir CPA: An online resource to inspire and support black accounting professionals. As part of her continued efforts to nurture the community of black accountants (and soon-to-be professional - -can't leave out the students), she created "Q&A with Noir CPA."

From Noir CPA:
Any question relevant to accounting students and professionals is fair game. I'll do my absolute best in providing you a helpful answer. If you totally have me stumped I'll make an effort to at least point you in the right direction to find an answer. So how do you get in on this Q & A session? You have 2 options:

  1. Submit your question via the contact page
  2. Email your question to:

In both cases be sure to put "Q & A" in the subject line.

To try and get a schedule going here, questions submitted Monday through Friday will be answered in a vlog the following Monday. If I don't receive any questions there won't be a vlog. Simple right? Cool.

So don't be shy my friends...what questions are burning away at you that you'd like me to answer??

I shot my first vlog last night to introduce Noir CPA to those out in YouTube land that aren't familiar with the site yet and also explain the deets of the Q & A segment. Be kind...I'm a newbie. They'll get better, I promise.

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