Sep 27, 2012

Hair Candy: Bows by @ATWCurls

Inside every woman is a little girl yearning to wear a bow. It transports you back in time to your childhood when you didn't have bills and were only responsible for keeping your shoes tied and having fun. Oh, those were the days...

"Red Red Wine"
I'd been trying to get my hands on some of the amazing bows "Around The Way Curls" create, but they're almost always sold out - - great for them, not so much for us! When they recently restocked their online store I used my go-go gadget online shopping speed to load up my cart and buy the ones I wanted.

Today I'm rocking the "Red Red Wine" design which has to be my favorite! It's a pretty hot accessory and great way to breathe some life into my twist-out.

Sidenote: The bows come with a clip (think Gabby Douglas gymnastics style clip... not the old school bow clip). I was surprised at this, but actually prefer it as my hair hasn't gotten tangled. You can also easily take the clip out and incorporate the bows into your other fashion choices.

The bows cost $10 and are available here. The price point isn't TOO bad considering you're probably not going to buy every design, but if these weren't handmade I'd imagine paying $5 or so. I bought 3 designs in total: Red Red Wine, Flashing Lights, and Vodoo and think it was a solid investment. I wanted to find a unique way to highlight my curls, and their bows are so colorful... they truly make me happy and stand out. It's also pretty cool to support a small business... not to mention a black owned female business!!  The BFF designers Shanti & Antoinette are also bloggers, so be sure to check out their site: Around the Way Curls. I have a soft spot for bloggers lol.

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