Sep 26, 2012

Halloween Costume Ideas

General Glam - Halloween 2011
Halloween is around the corner and my life force is already on one hundred.thousand.million! I typically go for something military inspired, borderline dominatrix with fringe. I'm also feeling like I could be a superhero or ninja this year... who knows. I might go balls out and buy a few costumes.

Little fact about me: I secretly wish I could wear a costume on a daily basis. There's something so nostalgic about dressing up and letting your playful inner life force seep out.

Last year I dressed up as "general glam" and had a ball rocking my military inspired costume all night. After making my list of top costume ideas for 2012, it dawned on me that option #2 looks so similar to my fit from last year I should probably pass on it. The top contenders are #1 and #4....which means I'll more than likely be rocking a bodysuit this year so I need to hit the gym and get these legs looking right. Well, legs and waistline. I don't want those types of struggles lol..

It might seem early to get your costume together, but seriously folks... October is only a few days away!

These are the Top 4 Costumes in the running for Halloween 2012.





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