Sep 6, 2012

@TheRock: Thick Does a Body Great

Oh, Mr. Johnson...

Let me count the ways your traps, neck and tattoo mesmerize me. I want to write a sonnet and sing praises of your body... but it's 2012 so a blog post with have to suffice lol.

I was watching Fast Five the other night and sat in awe of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's thickness.

At 260 lbs, Johnson is one of my favorite Hollywood Thick Necks stacked into a staggering 6'5" package. And guess what? He's part of the 40 yo club. Yes, Johnson is successful, thick, and grown! I'm currently fanning myself down lol. Add his drool worthy Polynesian half sleeve tattoo into the mix and ooh weee! I need a few moments to myself.

I think he did a great job making the transition from pro wrestler to Hollywood actor, and when he shaved his head a few years ago I wanted to give him a round of applause.

I'm actually a fan of a bald head and don't understand men that refuse to let go of their fledgling hair hopes and dreams. Just shave the shit already. Damn lol.

See this photo.

This is my fantasy. Period.
<----- This one

You know how people ask you what your fantasy is? I don't have any desire to dress up as a school girl and get called into the principal's office. I don't want to play good cop/bad cop. I don't even want to do some super voyeuristic stuff. My fantasy is having THAT RIGHT THERE kick in my apartment door in that EXACT outfit... and then proceed to question me... by any means necessary...because I promise you whatever it is, I did it... and I'm in trouble. A lot of trouble. TMI? lol...

But seriously. How could anyone not in their right mind look at that man and not get female wood. (Does that exist?) He's like everything I've ever imagined in my Thick Neck Dreams. If only I could combine him and Jared Odrick to make my superhuman Thick Bot.


Shanika Pichey said...

He's never done it for me. Too big. Or something. I do like Joe Manganiello. Actually, I like his character, Alcide Herveaux. Probably because he's a bit rough around the edges and works with his hands. I need a little dirty with my men. Lol!

But I do remember when this movie was coming might and

Shanika Pichey said...

Oops! Wasn't finished. I was goin to say I remember when this movie was coming out I thought "damn! The Rock got dieseled!!

Bajan Beauty said...

You are so crazy! But I must agree Mr. Johnson is a fine one. He kept me wide eyed and alert when I went to see Fast Five.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Can I just THANK YOU for this post??!!!!

This man is!

I watch Fast Five every time it comes on HBO just to see him!!

YAS! if I could wood... he so got me!

My name is GP and approve this post! STAMP!

HollyDayBeauty said...

Yes Yes :-)

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