Sep 12, 2012

#NoFilter #NoMakeup Rant

I'm wondering who started this whole #NoFilter #NoMakeup trend... especially when you see tons of people taking pictures where they clearly have used a filter and are wearing makeup lol. Seriously. I'm usually not an internet troll (well, I only troll the life force of @throttle_nerd lol), but I was on instagram last night and super irked by the number of people using the hashtags and clearly faking the funk.

A while back (winter 2010) I was equally irked by women on YouTube that would make videos, but profusely apologize for their appearance, or lack of makeup, hair being done, etc... It was just super fucking annoying especially when most of these chicks had nothing wrong with them. I ended up filming a mini rant/inspirational video that people should stop making apologies for the way they were sans the extra stuff. So, ultimately I guess this video could be called a #NoFilter #TakeOffYourMakeup thing lol.

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