Sep 10, 2012

An "Epic" Weekend (@PoshLifeEvents)

When I awoke this weekend to a crisp 58 degrees outside, I knew the Fall chill was starting to hit Chicago. I secretly  rejoiced that I could turn off my A/C and say goodbye to shrunken hair, but knew I better cling on to the last few days of heat we'd be experiencing in the city.

Cheers to the end of summer
As a way to formally bid adieu to "Summertime Chi," I attended the Posh Entertainment end of summer day party at Epic. DJ's Jay Illa and Marcus Shadden delighted our ears with two sets, while Epic kept the overpriced drinks flowing. I don't typically cringe at drink prices, but averaging $13-$16 for a cocktail? That shit cray. Don't get me wrong, I still paid for it lol... but I wasn't paying for the liquor as much as I was the River North address.

On the bright side, the bartenders were extremely friendly, the venue has a gorgeous interior and rooftop and none of the staff were actual douchebags.

This was my first time attending a  Posh Entertainment event and I had no clue what to expect. I'd sum it up to say they attract a nice urban crowd. Picture the cool kids in college that went on to become actual working professionals with legit business cards. I actually think they had one of the better urban crowds in Chicago, but there was a downside.

DJ Jay Illa & DJ Marcus Shadden
I'm sure everyone there was awesome, but the issue was that they all believed their own hype. The majority of people stood around with an heir of "I'm very important. Look at how awesome my aura is" while not dancing or managing to look like they were having fun. It was a lot of drinking, smiling, and polite mingling... but this was an end of summer roof top party.

It reminded me of the people that were Greek in college and spent their time stepping and strolling at parties... but were at the point that they could no longer do that at events so they were left pondering how to have a good time. They still felt important and like they were a big deal, but how do you distinct yourself from the crowd. The answer? Stand around holding your cocktails listening to bomb music not dancing. Crack a slight smile every now and then and kiss your friends on the cheek.

We drink, smile AND dance
At other times is felt like a grade school dance with men standing on one side and women on the other. Nobody seemed to really let loose and have a ball. If the event wasn't on a rooftop with fresh air I don't know if I could've stomached the stuffiness and pretentious crowd. The DJs were awesome and the drinks were on point. The crowd had zero ratchet so why was nobody getting it in?

I didn't ponder this for too long because my girlfriends and I always have a ball, so we danced, drank and were merry. Even after the event ended we kept the party going.

Overall, I had a great time and would definitely attend another Posh Entertainment event, but would love to see more fun and less pretentiousness.
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