Jul 5, 2009

Checking a new box

2 weeks ago I had my 25th birthday and am now the newest member of the "25-34" box! I feel so grown-up being able to leave the "18-24" crowd behind and kick it with the big boys/girls.

Experts say that women go through major life changes on the 5s (i.e. 25, 30, 35, etc...) and true to form I've experienced a lot in the last few months. I find myself sitting in my new apt, back in the 'burbs, getting used to the single life and ready for the next part of my 20s. I'm still shocked with how effortlessly I eased back into the suburban life. I find myself wanting to take tennis lessons at the park district, go to the farmer's market on Saturday mornings, run my errands during the day and be in the house by 9p lol... I'd much rather watch HGTV than videos , read books over magazines and cook dinner instead of dining out. I guess I'm growing up.

Leaving the bright lights of the South Loop was disheartening at first... living there the past year represented so much to me but I feel comfortable and confident moving on and ready to explore all of the wonderful things that come with being 25.


bfrank84 said...

My birthday is next Monday 7/13 and I am definitely having a midlifer...... :(

South Loop Social Light said...

Happy Birthday.... Yes, we should get together and have some midlifer cocktails. lol

Kiwi™ said...

Happy Birthday.

Yeah I am not too far behind you...I will be checking that box in 2 years...

I am actually kinda scared...but you are still young girl! Live it up!

bfrank84 said...

Yes, Yes! I will need to drink away my 18-24 mindset...LMAO!

ANGELINA said...

Happy belated birthday! What is this about the single life?

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