Jul 22, 2009

Public Relations 101

Many of you read my previous blog about the My Black is Beautiful tour 2009 and what my thoughts were surrounding the event. I mentioned that I had been contacted by the PR firm handling the event, Footsteps Group, and gave them my feedback on what I thought could be improved. I was honestly flattered that their company had found my blog and asked for my opinion. Most bloggers are dying to have someone seek out our 2 cents. Their firm was extremely professional and receptive to everything I had to say and at the end of our conversation I left thinking that I was able to help make a change for their 2010 event. Now, I think the idea behind empowering black women in phenomenal and had been let down by how the event was executed, so to feel as if I "had a say" was really rewarding. Well, to top things off I was contacted once again by their company and told they'd be sending me a gift. I didn't know what to expect but when the fed-ex package arrived at my house I was thrilled to see what was inside: a t-shirt, tote, leather planner, wrist band and personal letter were waiting for me! I immediately thanked the company. It's not every day that companies not only acknowledge the true value of, but also follow-thru with, good pr. Many thanks to the Footsteps Group for making this Chicago blogger feel special!
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