Jul 30, 2009

"Conferences are like Freaknik for the Buppie crowd"

The National Urban League is holding their conference in Chicago so there are a ton of events taking place throughout the weekend. Here's a recap of my Wednesday night:

Gen Art Event - Patron Social Club @ Market (West Loop)
This was an open bar from 8p-10p w/ rsvp. Only snag? Everyone in the world seemed to be there. I guess free patron doesn't only appeal to me *smirk*. I loved the crowd that Gen Art pulled out - - very stylish, very hip, very diverse. I'll take more of that any day. After making our way thru the initial line to get in Market, we braved the line to get a wrist band. We were about 5 people away from getting a wrist band when we were told that they had no more free liquor (not a big surprise) and were having to close the event off (switched to an open bar).

Chicago Urban League MB conference kick-off party @ Dragonfly (West Loop)
When things didn't pan out at Market we headed over here to enjoy the best of the buppie crowd and open bar. I was pleased with the setup and the people at the door were really friendly.... but I may have been easily wooed due to the lack of a cover charge and open bar. Nevertheless, I had an awesome time here. The music was on point, I had great friends out with me, and really had a ball. I'm still learning how to enjoy myself at an open bar without being too extra with it (I did successfully cut myself off) and Ron from Oak Park (random guy with great social skills) put me up on "open bar etiquette" ... which consisted of ordering 2 drinks at a time, switching sides at the bar where I was ordering my drinks, and tipping. I saw a bunch of chicks wearing pearls and figured I didn't get the "buppie dress code" memo. Everytime I looked at them all I could think of was the expression "clutching my pearls" lol... It may not be funny to everyone but if you envision some tightly wound person be so appalled that all they can do is clutch their pearls for dear life... *sigh* lol... nevermind. Oh yeah, another thing - - a round of applause for all of the men that were dressed on point (minus the guy with the shorts on... big time party foul - - pictured to the right). I was impressed with all the fitted suits and bow ties.
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