Jul 8, 2009

2009 Chosen Few Picnic

Since it seems like authentic summer weather may never really come, we Chicagoans need to take advantage of as many outside festivities as possible (because I bet fall/winter will be clocking in on time).

For all house music lovers this weekend the 2009 Chosen Few Picnic (aka Old Skool Reunion) will be held at 63rd and Hayes on the South Side. The picnic which is the largest house music fest in the midwest and has been going on since 1990 will feature the Chosen Few DJs Wayne Williams, Alan King, Andre and Tony Hatchett, Terry Hunter and Jesse Saunders... as well as special guests Maurice Joshua, Laurie Branch and DJ Flx.

The picnic starts at 10a so come equipped with your tent, drinks, food, and hefty supply of OFF (mosquitoes are the devil). If you're eager to keep the party going you can take your drink and 2-step to the official after party at Da House Spot (7130 S. Chicago Ave) from 10p to 6a.


Catherine said...

I will be there again this year to witness the fun and tomfoolery. The crazy outfits and quick-weaves make my summer:-)

I heard there was an after party at the Shrine also for those who don't kick it on the south side!

South Loop Social Light said...

Their website is promoting a party at The Shrine on Friday night... but the official after party is going to be out south. I guess with all those drunk revelers you don't want them having to drive too far.

Diego R. Wyatt said...

It looks like so much fun...I wish I could be there, but work calls. Hopefully the weather pans out this year!

E's said...

I had fun there last year, so I'll be there this year. I will probably go early and put up a tent - b/c that's what the gf wants to do:)

South Loop Social Light said...

If you have a tent make sure you let me know where so I can stop by and say hi!

Couture Carrie said...

Looks and sounds super fun, darling!

Btw, love maxis on petites!


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