Jul 6, 2009

When your jump-off loses it...

By this time I'm sure everyone has heard about Steve McNair, 36, allegedly being shot and killed by his girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi, 20, before she took her own life... but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents.

Yes, it's not everyday that your jump-off kills you but are we seriously shocked that a rich man (an athlete at that) was cheating on his wife? Are we shocked that he had bought this chick a car, vacationed with her, and was playing house in his free time? I hope not because anyone with a tv, oxygen or lifetime will know that stuff like this happens every single day. I am tired of hearing people rip his football legacy to shreds because he was cheating on his wife. His personal life and who he was on the football field are completely different things. I don't think that having an affair necessarily affects your work life. Many people go thru various things on a daily basis and still get their job done with a smile.

Unlike most, I don't feel this overwhelming sympathy for his wife either. I haven't come across a girlfriend/wife... woman of any kind that wasn't aware that her man was cheating. People cheat all the time and unfortunately marrying/dating an athlete usually comes with a guarantee that he's more than likely going to be getting it poppin with other women. Most females are okay with this as long as he's taking care of home... and it seemed like that's exactly what he was doing. His wife and children were being taken care of.

The worst case jump-off scenario is having them lose it and kill you... and that's exactly what happened. Is Steve McNair the first to experience this? Of course not... Is it still a tragic thing? Yes. I think that Steve knew what he was doing. Sahel knew what she was doing... and I'm sure his wife knew of what was going on (you aren't with someone for that amount of time and completely unaware of who you're dealing with).

I don't view this situation as a cautionary tale meant to scare married men into being faithful... but do think it shows the reality of the situation. Sometimes when you're dealing with a crazy chick she can really snap off and show you how psycho she is (this goes for men too - - don't forget about how guys act nuts.. i.e. Jennifer Hudson's sister's dude killing their family)... So what I say is to be a bit more selective about the chicks you decide to boo up and give the girlfriend role too.
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