Jan 10, 2017

The Best Nail Artist in Seattle
Peka "Impekable" Grayson

Professional. Personable. Prompt. Perfectionist. Oozing creativity and technique!!! Those are a few words that come to mind when I think of my nail artist, the BEST nail artist in Seattle, Peka "Impekable" Grayson.

Peka is not just a nail technician, but truly an artist and someone who is more than happy to collaborate with you on a design, or let her imagination run wild. She doesn't just lace Seattle nails with the dopest manis on the west coast, she also cares about nail health and takes her time with each mani. I've been rocking gel manis from Peka since last summer and my nails are the healthiest they've been since I opted for gel manicures.

Before finding Peka, I was someone who would visit my local nail shop of choice (Myano on 3rd downtown Seattle), but always wanted to find a true nail artist. I remember finding Peka on Instagram after doing a few hashtag searches and was instantly thinking, "how in the world is this talented chick in Seattle?" lol... I still have moments of shock and awe that Seattle is home to such talented creators -- but fast forward MONTHS later and Peka has done so many manicures for me.. it's turned into my monthly treat! I get excited coming up with designs and collaborating with her on what I'd like.

She works out of a solo studio space in West Seattle and is appointment only. Due to the intimate nature of her studio, no walk-ins are accepted and guests are encouraged to come alone. There is not space to bring the entire crew or kids, so go into your appointment with the expectation that this will be your solo time to treat yourself.

Oh yeah, also please do NOT be intimidated by the amount of nail extensions on her page. She is fully capable of slaying natural lines (like my manicures below) or giving you the dopest sculpted manicure you can think of. As someone who opts to rock their natural nails, I wasn't sure if she'd think my nails were boring lol... but she is such a beautiful spirit and dope chick -- she's down to transform anyone's basic nails into something they're ready to show off.

Some of the designs she's done for me:

Some of my favorite Impekable designs on other people:

To check out her work, visit her IG page, but be warned... you'll find yourself DEEP in her timeline ogling over all the bomb designs.

To book an appointment visit her GenBook Page.

1. Deposits are required when booking an appointment

2. She does not currently offer pedicure services

3. When booking your appointment online, adding nail art is a separate "a la carte" add-on. You will need to secure your regularl gel/sculpted nails appointment first (requires deposit) then go back and add-on your nail art service (does not require an additional deposit). This is a quirk with the GenBook platform and something Peka is trying to update to make booking both appointments easier.

4. Nail art is charged based on the level of intricacy of the designs and length of time. Her website has full details.

5. Clients who arrive late will be charged a late fee! Peka does a wonderful job spacing out her appointments and making sure enough time is allotted. She won't have you in there all day, so respect her time and your appointment... otherwise, you'll cough up some additional coins. Most people know I am NOT prompt, yet I'm always at least 5-10 mins early for my appointments and always finish on time.

6. Peka LOVES to collaborate! You can feel free to send her some ideas you have in  mind and give her time ahead of your appointment to put her creative spin on it.

Images via SixTwentySeven IG & ImpekableNails IG

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