Jan 11, 2017

2017 Vibes...
Live the Life You Want

Being honest, I don't remember anything past like 1230a on NYE, so I truly woke up with a clear mind to start my 2017. My boyfriend hosted a NYE party, and after being sick for over  a week, I didn't keep in mind I'd barely been eating... so fast forward 3 Rum & Cokes later and I was entering the black out drunk club.

It's not a good look to be the drunk girl at the party, but it's even worse when you're the drunk girl in your 30s. Luckily, my boyfriend is an angel and ushered me into the bathroom when I started looking all "lights are on, but no one is home..." -- we've all been there.

So yeah... after waking up and having no recollection of getting sick, I got ready to spend time with my girlfriends at our 2nd Annual New Year's Day brunch! It was truly a joy to spend quality time with friends (nobody was on their phone for hours!!!!), cook together, speak about our goals for 2017 and create vision boards. Soak up all the black girl magic in the picture below! I love these ladies... and it truly is a blessing to be creating such wonderful friendships in my 30s. Another perk of living in Seattle and being in a city with so many adult transplants.

New Year's Day Brunch & Vision Boards with girlfriends

Despite all of the festivities, I'd have to say one of my highlights of the new year was spending time with my #BlackBroadCity boos, bonding over our shared love of Wendy's! Y'all, you already know the frosties are clutch. Or should I say Frostys? Fuck... you know what I mean. The snack size chocolate frosty is bae and makes my heart swoon. It was only made better indulging with 2 of my favorite people in the city of Seattle -- Tina and Nat steady stay clutching that MVP spot in my life.

We're nearly 2 weeks into the new year and I hope everyone is enjoying the time they have and living the life they want! That's my theme for the year -- living the life I want and "warmth". I want to strive to reduce the amount of time I spend consuming and participating in petty antics, become a warmer person, and spend my time being productive and focused on executing my own ideas. Small ways I'm starting to do this: Unfollowing some problematic or shade-driven media outlets, consuming less trash, starting my mornings with prayer and NPR while I get dressed for work (instead of a ratchet playlist), using my free time to do something productive and aligned with my hobbies and side hustles every day, and continuing to lead my interactions with warmth and ways to connect with people instead of finding ways to disqualify those around me.

Wishing everyone the best as they work on having a beautiful year!
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