Jan 19, 2017

Night Shift Seattle
1/27 @ The Crocodile

One of my favorite Seattle dance parties is Night Shift SEA. They typically feature a rotating line-up of dope DJs and during their summer events (Day Shift) always have a bomb photo background. Good music and perfect selfies? What more could you ask for!

Well, this summer they moved their location from the easy-to-get-to Cap Hill, to the less poppin' Ciudad in Georgetown. While I'm not privy to what caused the change in scenery, it was a huge deterrence to going to their events. I know everyone isn't as OCD about location as I am, but Seattle traffic is gnarly, the public transit is still growing, and the further South you move your events, the less likely they are to have people attend. Again, this perspective is based on having most of my friends live close to Downtown (Belltown/Queen Anne/Cap Hill) or further North in Ballard or Fremont. Basically the opposite of out South lol.

When I saw the email go out saying Night Shift was launching again in Belltown it made me smile. They'll be at The Crocodile, which is a music venue I like in an accessible location, cheap Uber range, and surrounded by late night eateries (Rocco's for the win).

If you've never been to a Night Shift event, they feature a rotating line-up of DJs that range in sound from trap to house, but mainly having that hipster/hip-hop/alternative rap vibe that dominates the radio. The crowd is a mix of mostly 20- and early 30-somethings, artsy "cool kids" who usually post dope pics on Instagram and are mainstream, but in a rebel type of way. I've found the environment to be mainly inclusive, but there's definitely a strong "vibe" to the folks who regularly attend.

Advance tickets are currently $10 (not sure of the door price), but I'd suggest snagging a ticket if you wanna go. Their events tend to be very popular and with the move back to Belltown it's safe to assume they may sell out.

What: Night Shift
When: Friday, January 27th
Time: 9p - 2a
Where: The Crocodile / 2200 2nd Ave (Belltown)
Tickets: $10 Advance

Room 1 DJs (Showroom): Tony Snark, Emecks, HANSM JUSTIN, Stas THEE Boss, Young Strong.
Room 2 DJs (Back Bar): T.Wan B2B Hojo, Epaulets, DJ SJ, Max Taylor, Ratha

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