Jan 9, 2017

Culturally Expressive Yoga
(via @YogabyBiola)

Inhale. Exhale. Throw that ass in a circle? There's something beautiful about combining the ancient practice of yoga with the modern influences of trap music that makes my little ratchet heart soar. What makes it even better is having an insanely dope black woman lead the movement and change the typical face of yoga in media.

The brainchild of Seattle yogi Biola Akanni (pronounced bee-AHH-luh), these new classes are aimed at "liberating your mind and body through culturally expressive yoga rooted in yogic philosophy infused with creative movement and music."

Through her business, Yoga by Biola, she's currently offering 3 Culturally Expressive Yoga classes: Zen Tea Gentle, Trap Vinyasa, and Divine Feminine Hatha. In addition to these classes, she also teaches more traditional yoga classes at 8 Limbs in West Seattle and Zum Fitness downtown Seattle.
Y'all know I have minimal chill when it comes to discovering dope women of color doing stuff in Seattle, so I was thrilled to connect with Biola last week for drinks and chit chat. Her spirit is such a beautiful balance of peaceful/zen yogi and quirky black girl magic -- consider her your guide in vibe alignment with a turnt twist! A perk of living in Seattle is having access to so many unique small business owners. I personally find it very rewarding genuinely support women of color and other small business owners in my everyday life.

I've always found regular (non-heated) yoga to be a bit boring... mainly because my mind wanders and I always struggled to focus on the practice. I'm excited to try Biola's Culturally Expressive Yoga classes, especially Trap Vinyasa... because, Trap Music is damn near the "bacon" of music... it makes everything better!

For more information check out Biola's website.

Images via YogabyBiola.com
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