Jun 20, 2014

Indique BOUNCE Collection Coil Curl: Unboxing 10" Bundle + Initial Impression (via @ILoveIndique)

 So, I bit the bullet and bought the Indique BOUNCE Collection Coil Curl hair. It was a splurge. Actually, more than a splurge. I reached deep down into my pockets and pulled out all of my coins (and fucks) and decided to go for it. This is officially the most expensive thing I've ever done with my hair... and the sew-in isn't even installed yet (read: when I'm writing this).

It's currently the night before my big weave adventure with the priciest hair in all of the land, and I'm lying to myself about how tired I actually am. I should be sleeping, but I'm up cranking out this post. I still need to seal the weft (because I can't recall or find any information online stating whether or not the weft came sealed), wash my face, and get my life together so I can make my 8am hair appointment. In hindsight I was probably being a bit too ambitious when I made that 8am appointment. Blame it on the excitement of my summer/birthday weave.

While living in loft ranks high on the "cool factor," but finding a place with doors, quiet, and lighting to film is a nightmare. I finally said eff it and filmed outside on my patio. I did manage to wait for the sun to set a bit so the lighting wasn't terrible.

In the video I show the unboxing of my hair, share my initial thoughts, and how I still feel like a slight d-bag for dropping so many coins on a weave. Take a look and let me know what you think!

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