Jun 2, 2014

Using Instagram Pics to make a Custom Phone Case (Via @Sticky9HQ)

Last year I blogged about discovering StickyGram (now known as Sticky9), and how they allowed me to transform my favorite Instagram pics into magnets. Well, Sticky9 has lured me in once again, this time with a customized iPhone case!

I didn't know which direction I wanted to go, but opted to create an homage to myself in honor of being awesome and turning 30 this month. It probably looks a bit egotistical, but it's basically taking my love of photography, selfies, phone cases and my many moods... then slapping them together old school collage style. Plus, this is pretty much as custom as a phone case can get.

The cases retail for $34.99 and come with free worldwide shipping. If the phone case isn't your speed, you can still choose the magnets or tablet case. Icing on the cake - - Use code FRIENDMAA5  to receive 15% off your order! 

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