Jul 12, 2012

Thick Neck Thursday: David Oliver @doliversub13

Have you ever wondered what 6'2", 205lbs of Track & Field Thick Neck looked like? Look no further than Team USA Olympian David Oliver!!! I was watching E! News when the 30 yo cutie graced the screen and was mesmerized by his main vein... well, the veins in his neck. You know thick necks make me weak in the knees lol. Oliver will be representing Team USA in the London Olympics this year and I can honestly say he's giving me a reason to watch. Between his thick neck, traps and perfect smile, I think every woman will find the motivation to watch him go for the gold.

If you wanna continue to drool, you can learn more about David via his website or twitter page.

Full Disclosure: I've been a bit biased in the past about weight when it comes to a man. I'm a firm believer that the bigger the better, and by bigger I mean thick necks pushing 240-250lbs.... but let me just say that David Oliver is repping for the home team and making that 205 weight class quite tempting. 

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