Apr 8, 2009

Day 3 - Back to Basics

Today marks day #3 of my existence sans electricity. Day 1 was rough but enjoyable. Day 2 was slightly annoying (thankfully my bff K-Dot let me bum around on her couch using her electronic gadgets) and well, Day 3 - - I'm kind of over this whole 17th century burning candles and going to sleep when the sun sets lifestyle. It's been real, but I'm going to need Com Ed to get with the program and turn the lights on. I miss the delicate glow of the tv screen or seeing the time on the stove. I miss hearing the low hum of the refrigerator... knowing that my DVR was recording my favorite shows! I miss having the option of turning on a light, using my computer, saying that I got dressed in the dark and not having it be a literal thing. *sigh* Life without electricity is rough. I'm trying to remain optimistic because Com Ed is going to turn it on either today or tomorrow but it does kinda suck. On top of that I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed searching for a new place to live. It dawned on me today that I've been looking at places way out of my price range. So, after I did a few calculations I was knocked off of my high horse and came back to reality. I cringe at the thought of living in a studio. Really, it breaks my heart... so I'm going to try and meet with apartment finders and see if they can find me my dream apartment. (Did I mention how much harder this apartment search is when you're a homeowner. A few times I've thought to myself that going from a 1600 sq ft townhouse in wonderful Scottsdale to a 750 sq ft condo in the South Loop was hard... but I'm now faced with the possibility of having to cut that damn near in half as most studios/1 bdrms in my price range are under 600 sq ft.) *sigh*
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