Apr 7, 2009

Back to Basics

**After an angry phone call I decided to edit this post as to not embarrass anyone, which in turn slightly angered me. Edit my blogs for your ego? Wow... that's a whole other post in and of itself***

I came home from work and instantly went to turn the TV on. The Hills season premiere was going to be coming on and I needed to make sure my DVR was set up to record. I hit the "power" button and nothing. I pushed it again and still nothing. I pushed it a 3rd time... nothing. "What the hell?" I walked over to the kitchen and noticed that the time wasn't displaying on the microwave or stove. "Fuck..." I thought to myself... our power must be off. I went over to the circuit breaker and in vain tried to restart our power.

At first I was livid that we were without power. After my rage subsided a bit we pulled out the chess set, lit the candles and had a good night. It's amazing how you really can enjoy yourself and life won't stop without the use of all your favorite electronic items. I think I was most saddened by having to throw away all of my melting popsicles, but I rejoiced that I had not yet bought groceries.

So, today marks the end of another day and my return to an apt that is without any electricity. I feel like I'm living in the stone ages but the situation could be worse.


Catherine said...

OMG! We were just talking about this on Saturday! ComED must have your place bugged... Well at least you still have gas:-)

Aramide said...

Ouch. Girl I would've had a fit w/o my Hills! But the candles & chess were a great alternative-nice!

South Loop Social Light said...

Yep, we were talking about this. I guess all good things must come to an end. lol...

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