Apr 8, 2009

(insert angelic sound here)

Guess who's no longer living in the stone ages back in action? When I came home from work today I said a little prayer as I prepared to turn the key and voila - - I was met with a wall of warmth! The lights are back on... and along with the lights are the computer, tv, heat, fridge... everything that makes life so wonderful. I instantly started thanking God and doing my happy dance. After, I plopped down on the couch and rejoiced at the fact that my DVR had been in overdrive recording shows that I had missed this week! I feel like after a few days of roughing it, I'm back to my old self - - It's 12am and I'm blogging! Last night I was fast asleep! I'm once again a night owl! Thanks Com Ed...

The Hills - The season premiere was decent. They pretty much showed us everything that they'd been hyping up in the previews for the season which leaves me to wonder what else there is. I guess the only thing left to do is have Audrina hook up with Brody and Spencer apologize to LC (all of which is supposed to happen according to the teaser). We were able to see Heidi and LC's emotional moment at her surprise party. I honestly didn't think it was that serious. It seemed like LC was a little drunk and they were just doing the drunk, emotional thing. Spencer flirted with some bartender and ended up getting into a fight with his sister's ex-boyfriend because he sent Stephanie a text... which of course got back to Heidi. Don't all people flirt with the bartenders? What else... the next day LC, Audrina and Lo talked about what happened. *yawn* Heidi was pissed off at Spencer and hopped a flight back to Colorado to see her fam. *another yawn* I'm glad that The Hills is back on because MTV's previous Monday night snooze fest of The City and Daddy's Girls was making me contemplate ways to slit my wrists. I'm remaining hopeful that there's a little more spice to come this season.
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