Apr 24, 2009

Next Day Air

Today is BEAUTIFUL and really too nice to be writing about on a pc... you need to be out living and enjoying this weather before Mother Nature swagger jacks it back.

For all of you looking for something a little different to do tonight, the red carpet premiere for Next Day Air will be going down at Excalibur. Click here to RSVP ( $5 cover before 1130p) for the event.

1 comment:

Ms_Slim said...

You're absolutely right. I posted on Diddy though mainly because of last night's MTB4 Finale. Had to get it out sooner than later lol.

I'm reveling in this weather and hanging on for dear life. I really dont want it to go away......then again with Chi weather, we can just flip a coin and.....

I just hope it stays.

Enjoy this weather too, girlie. My weekend doesnt start for another hour and ten minutes. (work) :)

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