Apr 14, 2009


No, it's not the newest street drug promising an amazing high but Kentucky Fried Chicken's latest attempt at luring back the health conscious consumer. KGC, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, made its debut last month at select stores across the US in hopes of regaining customers that had given up the fried version due to diet or guilt for indulging in the juicy, fattening treat.

Unlike most black people in the US, I am not a huge fan of chicken, especially fried. There's something about biting into a piece and being met with veins that just bugs me out. If I'm going to eat something fried I'd prefer it be catfish or shrimp (2 of my favorites). While I'm on the topic (kinda) I don't like watermelon (or any melon for that matter) either and please save your comments about "taking my black card" not only is that beyond annoying, but rest assured, I suffer from constant CP time (but have managed to be on time for work 2 straight weeks... my friends know that's a big deal.)

Anyways, I found this to be interesting because given the current state of the economy companies everywhere are in a rush to create new ways to market their products and appeal to a larger consumer base. I think that KFC has their niche, fried chicken. I do not think they'll be able to captivate and blow people away with their foray into the world of grilled chicken.... Which kind of leads me on another tangent, do people really go to KFC because they want a healthy dinner for their family? Or lunch for themselves? If health is your top priority I'd suggest bypassing fast food altogether, heading to the grocery store and reacquainting yourself with your kitchen. There's nothing like a home cooked meal.
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