Apr 6, 2009


I have been posting irregularly as of late due in part to my search for a new apt. My boyfriend and I are on the hunt for a new place to lay our heads and it has been more challenging than I anticipated. First off, moving is never fun... but when you've been spoiled with amenities and location everything seems like a downgrade. Oh, the dilemma of champagne taste and a wine cooler budget!

I have grown to love my life in the South Loop. I love having everything in my backyard - - work, the lake, soldier field, my gym, restaurants, nightlife... everything is only a quick walk or cheap cab ride away. Not to mention having a washer/dryer in our unit, balcony with lake views, and PARKING!!! I've been slowly wrapping my mind around Hyde Park... a little further South than I'd like to live, but a nice area nonetheless. We looked at some apts yesterday and wow... well, all I can say is that anyone that is able to live in a studio, I commend you!!! Some of the studios I saw blew me away (in the worst way possible). Actually paying someone $700+ for a 350 sq ft space, bootleg kitchen, decently sized closet, little bathroom, and well basically 1 room to live in! Ouch... I guess I didn't realize that a studio truly is 1 room. Imagine throwing a mini fridge and mini stove in your bedroom - - BAM! You have yourself a studio apt. Now imagine paying over $700 for that space? Well, then you have yourself a problem.

-location (close to public transportation)
-lake or city views
-1 bdrm
-1 bath
-walk in closets
-gas range
-laundry in unit
-utilities included
-did I mention location? lol...

I ran down my list of "must haves" and realized that what I need is a house. Unfortunately, my house is 1700 miles away in Scottsdale, AZ....

So, now I find myself staring at a list of everything I "need" and thinking that it sounds like some magical fairy tale because getting all of this for under 1k is not an easy task. After a few disappointments, I came across a diamond in the rough. It's in Hyde Park, has an awesome view, and a few of my other wants. Pray for me that everything works out!!


Zainab said...

I lived in hyde park last year and I know what you mean. I live in southshore now, wayyyyyyy south but I like the view and the price is decent. I hope you find what you need in hyde park I didn't.

South Loop Social Light said...

Hyde Park is a nice area, I'm just a downtown type of girl. I like the cabs, hustle and bustle of the city life, not knowing who my neighbors are. lol...but the bldg that I saw was cool. I'm still slightly disgruntled about not having a washer/dryer in unit.

Ms_Slim said...

We're in the same boat with preparing a move. Me? I live in the south burbs...painfully close to the city however.

I dont really want to live in the city, because if I had my way, I'd be in Hyde Park. And Hyde Park is too expensive for me right now :(

South Loop Social Light said...

Good luck with your move. Mine is coming along slowly, but surely.

Aramide said...

I live in Hyde Park & I love it! It's year 2 for my boyfriend & I, we live right in the heart of Hyde Park-53rd & Harper. I remember our apartment hunt as well so I feel your pain. Good Luck with the place you saw, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. And be sure to let me know how it goes. We'd love to hang w/ another young couple. I'll see you at the Happy Hour!

South Loop Social Light said...

I feel in love with this one spot...well, scratch that. I fell in deep "like" and I'm not sure what's going to happen with that...

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