Apr 2, 2009

It could always be worse...

As a comedian once said, if you're ever feeling down just turn on an episdoe of cops and that should cheer you up. What could be worse than you're mother wearing a mumu, rollers in her disheveled hair, drunk and staggering around beating your father with a broom? Well, she could have signed the release to have it aired on tv! Yes, there is always someone somewhere whose situation is worse than yours... so you have a reason to take a deep breath, smile and know that it's never really that bad.

If you find yourself at work and in need of a little pick me up, try visiting the following sites:

1. www.secrettweet.com
2. www.fmylife.com
3. www.postsecret.com

All of these sites remind me that everyone thinks crazy thoughts from time to time, are random, have bad days, do outrageous things, sometimes feel bad and their pride won't let them apologize, are funny.... are HUMAN! It's refreshing to have the veneer stripped away and to read the thoughts of everyday folks.
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