Apr 10, 2009

Spring Style

Spring is here and it's time to start phasing out my sweaters and adding more warm weather friendly pieces. I've resolved myself to only buy things that I really "need" and that are able to be mixed/matched with stuff I already have.

I've been searching for a romper for quite some time now and it seems like everything is either too cheap, too expensive, or ill-fitting. Being petite and curvy makes the task even harder. I lucked up on this black, silk, fully lined romper at Forever21 the other day. It was affordable and had a nice fit. It's not everyday that I keep "the girls" tucked away so this was a refreshing way to change up my typical "busty" style. I actually like the way it fits - -I don't look like I'm going to the club, but this could be worn to any event. Keeping your boobs covered and having your garment be lined will work wonders! From the picture there isn't anything special or unique about this romper but it's definitely a nice, neutral piece to add to my wardrobe.

Next on my list of "needed" items will be a new purse and springtime fragrance. My boyfriend made it a point to let me know that I needed a new purse (my current everyday Kathy Van Zeeland bag is supposed to
yellow but has managed to turn some shade of brown in certain areas. Yeah, that's a bit wack but I've had this purse for a few years now and really like it. Anyways, I'll be on the hunt for something new and I'll be sure to post it.
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