Apr 16, 2009

Happy Hour - 4.17.09

Friendship is Essential to the Soul - 4/17 Happy Hour

Just a reminder that the happy hour is still scheduled for tomorrow at Devon Seafood Grill. I hope to see everyone there.

Date: Friday 4/17/09
Location: Devon Seafood Grill - 39 E. Chicago Ave. (corner of Chicago Ave. and Wabash)
Time: After Work (530p - until)

*Please note that while Devon Seafood Grill has a Happy Hour from 4p to 7p and 9p to close, it is only available at the bar so that's where we'll be posted... and it's definitely first come first serve with the seating. This isn't like some professionally planned event. lol... just something casual and laid back for everyone to get together... just wanted to throw out that little FYI :)
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