Apr 15, 2009

Akira - New Location

After work I headed North to Water Tower Place in hopes of "window shopping" and maybe picking up something cute for this weekend. To my surprise I was delighted to see a new addition to the 4th floor - Akira! The store just opened on Monday so the merchandise is fresh and not picked over. The sales staff is extremely friendly and ready and willing to assist in any way possible. With the help of Matt I was able to leave with 2 cute skirts and 1 dress, only 1 of which appears on the website so I feel like I walked away with at least 2 jewel pieces I doubt anyone else will have. I love Water Tower Place not only for their 2 story Forever21, but Sephora, Victoria's Secret and Aldo/Aldo Accessories - - Now I have another store to tickle my fancy whenever I'm there. Here are few photos from the new location:

Akira Downtown - Women's Clothing
Water Tower Place - 4th floor
845 N. Michigan Ave.

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