Apr 29, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

As a young girl my mother and I always watched Ballroom Dancing together. PBS routinely featured competitions and we'd sit mesmerized at the eye-catching outfits, dazzling dance moves, and over the top personalities. When 'Dancing with the Stars' began on ABC I was instantly a fan and excited that Ballroom Dancing was able to go mainstream.

This season one of the standout competitors has been Lil Kim. I've always loved Kimberly Jones. When I was little I used to be obsessed with the idea of having her as an older sister (please don't ask why... lol... I have no clue) She has impressed everyone with her dynamic dance ability. Not only is she graceful and powerful, she is high energy and exciting to watch. I'm rooting for her to pull out a win this season. Last night she performed in the 'Team Tango' challenge. I thought she did a wonderful job. Check it out below:

Dancing with the Stars airs on ABC Monday and Tuesday nights. Click here for more info.

**Fast Forward to the 2:15 mark if you want to skip the behind-the-scenes footage**


BrownSistah said...

I agree, LiL Kim looks wonderful, that girl have really surprise me and I hope she wins!!!

CaramelKisses said...

Twin...i too loved those pbs dance competition..American ballroom was never that entertaining to me, but when they got to the latin division i was glued to the television..lol

i went as far as to work for a latin dane studio right out of high school..started as the receptionist..before i knew it i had ompleted their entire "dance" curriculum and auditioned for the performance team..and made it...i still like dancing even though i don't do it as much..but i will be breaking out my dance shoes shortly..lol

ANGELINA said...

I'm rooting for Lil Kim too! And it's funny that you wanted her to be your big sister. For the longest time I wanted to be sisters with Tia and Tamera Mowry lol

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