Apr 28, 2009

Dangerously Unique?

Long gone are the days when shows like "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" ruled the airwaves. VH1 has pretty much taken over the dating show market with their "Love" shows. Last night was the reunion episode of "For the Love of Ray J". I, for one, was thrilled to see the ladies back on the stage (mainly Danger... my favorite of the season) and catch up on what everyone had been (or not been) doing since the show wrapped.

One thing that always intrigues me is the makeover most of the ladies undergo by the time the reunion show is taped. I believe this is due in part to them seeing themselves on TV and realizing that the look they rocked all season and swore was the business actually didn't look so hot.

Now, of all the weave-tastic, insanely big, prom hair gone wrong styles under the sun, Unique (Danielle Pastorino) chose to throw this wig in her hair. This goes down as the worst weave in the history of bad weaves. It looked awful. Repulsive. I actually think that her "crazy curls" natural look worked much better than this. It literally looked like they sat this 'do on top of her head... I'm actually quite sure that's EXACTLY what they did!!

Unique Before

Unique After

One of my favorites of the season was Danger (Monica Leon). Despite going from "Crazy Sexy" to "Crazy Psycho" over the course of the show, I still was a Danger fan and wanted her to win (.... even if she "smashed the homies" lol...) If you were watching the reunion last night you can recall noticing the "fuck me" eyes her and Ray J were shooting one another when she came on the couch to be interviewed by La La. Oh yes, I know those eyes well and it's obvious that they're still gettin it crackin. I think that Danger is a cute girl and I was a fan of her wild curls (I could go w/o the face tat but for some reason it actually fits her). She busted out a new color/weave combo for the reunion show and kind of reminded me of Lil Kim. I don't think it looked bad but her original style was better to me.

Danger Before

Danger After

The "mystery" of creepy Chicago Larry's true identity was revealed last night. I must say that I don't know what was creepier: his voice, sunglasses, or camera (was he planning on taking any pics). My girl told me that she saw him in Sound Bar last week snapping pics and handing out cards. She confirmed that he's just as creepy in person and did her best to avoid him.

Chicago Larry

As with all of the VH1 "Love" shows I'm sure there are 2 more seasons brewing for Ray J to find lust, sex, his next jumpoff love. Will you be watching?


Catherine said...

I am LMABO at the makeovers!! Did Danger talk about being pregnant?

Anonymous said...

I was very disappointed to see "Danger" Monica Leon's hair. Her hair is beautiful and they covered it up with that hot mess of a weave.

Unique...LMAO..girl I didn't think her hair could get any worse. I think she's pretty with her hair pulled back.


hairgawker said...

Dude Danger looks hot with those perfect locks. Unique, ummmm ya I really don't know what to say about her. Chicago Larry rocks!

The Fresh Man said...

Unique still my boo but her hair was a hot mess. *shrugs*

Danger that broad was never sexy crazy she was always psycho crazy and hell yeah Ray J still hitting it but he's also still hitting Whitey Houston too soooooo...

Why didn't Danger want to talk about being a prostitute though? hmmm No comment usually means yeah that's what I do.

Chicago Larry is the new Don the Magic Juan! Whatch out!

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Catherine - She said that she had a "scare" and that a friend of hers leaked it to the media that she said the baby could've belonged to Ray. I was throwing mad *blank stares* her way... and the Ray J let out this over dramatic sigh. lol. I was threw with them.

@ Lyfe - I agree, Danger's "before" hair looked really good... it fit her wild personality.

@ Hair Gawker - Chicago Larry does NOT rock. lol. I keep wanting to call him "Ashy Larry" lol...

@ Fresh - Danger spoke in an interview a while back about being a prostitute. I'm not Capt. Save 'Em, but I think it was just a hard period in her life and she didn't feel the need to go there on tv. Again... Chicago Larry is creepy. lol

BrownSistah said...

LOL, Ashy Larry, he looks like a clown...lmao, but anyway, If Ray J comes back with another show (which I believe he will) Yes, I would watch, I'm just a reality TV junkie.

Unique hair did look a hot mess, she looks worse than Keyshia Cole mothers (both of them) They could have never convinced me to put that wig on top of my head, it really looks awful.

Did you see how Ray J was looking at Danger? When she was talking about her "Supposedly" pregnancy, he still hitting that.


Ms.L said...

Danger is hot.

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