Nov 21, 2008

I heart M.A.C.

There is something about walking into a MAC store or up to a MAC counter that has a way of warming my heart - - touching my soul and making a grin spread from ear to ear! I absolutely love MAC. From their glosses to their lipsticks, foundations, concealers and blushes...everything they sell makes me happy! Friday I managed to make the most of my lunch and slip away to the MAC counter in Macy's on State St. I was aided in my makeup mission by Jenna (a great artist that was super helpful...ask for her if you're at that location) and added 5 exciting items to my growing MAC-up collection!

1. Lustre Lipstick in Freckletone - - a great nude shade with hints of peach...perfect if you want a natural, neutral lip.

2. Lip Pencil in Hover - - a rick caramel brown....this color perfectly accents any nude/brown/pink shades of lipstick/gloss.

3. Nail lacquer in Nightfall - - With the winter weather upon us, it was time to let go of my varying pink summer shades and find a great winter color...I'm a fan of metallics and If you don't want a bright silver...nor a harsh black, this metallic charcoal gray is perfect.

4. Lustre Glass in Beaux - - a warm beige, brown color. For anyone that was/is a fan of "Ooh baby" this is for you! You'll love the texture and unlike "ooh baby" it doesn't have all the glitter. A great option for an everyday gloss.

5. Lustre Glass in Flusterose - - a warm, bubblegum pink color...not too bold though. It's sheer enough to wear alone and not feel like a cartoon character or can be paired with a lip liner or lipstick to pop even more! I previously had this and some how it went missing...nevertheless it's been replaced! I love this shade....
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