Dec 9, 2015

Day 2: Why the f*ck is it so dark outside? #5amChallenge

 I woke up this morning (Read: Tuesday) and realized just how dark the days are in Seattle. Like, you wake up and it's dark. I mean... it's dark at 8am. DARK! We haven't even officially started winter yet and I'm already scraping together the fragments of my life force. Pulling yourself out of the bed when it's pitch black outside is nearly impossible. On top of that I didn't really get to bed any earlier the night before, so I was setting myself up for a slight fail.

Similar to Day 1, I instinctively hit the snooze on my 5am alarm. It's kind of funny just how many intelligent choices your body/brain can make when you're sleeping. I mean, sleeping Ishea is kind of a clutch player. Snoozing 5am alarms and what not... like, she's the MVP. She's bae.

Fitbit Sleep Tracker - Day 2
Anyways, my goal from Day 1 was to snooze one less time on Day 2. I'm happy to report I was successful since I only snoozed my 630a alarm twice. That's progress over snoozing it 3 times on Day 1 lol. Listen, any step forward is technically progress, no matter how small. Thus, progress was made!

I had success doing an abbreviated version of my morning routine on Day 1, so I repeated that on Day 2. I walked my dog for a shorter amount of time (though I actually felt bad about it this time), had already prepped my hair the night before (saved more time), and had my work stuff ready to go.

Waking up to pitch black affected me. I was moving a bit slower... Not a lot, but I did leave the house about 10 mins later. I still got to work early (which is a win), but I know for Day 3 I'll need to check the bus arrival times when I'm getting dressed and make sure I leave in that commuter "sweet spot".

Is anyone else doing the challenge? If so, how's it going?

I'm always seeing "627" in my life
Day 2 Tips
Monday night I decided to prep my hair so I wouldn't have to rock a scarf again. This is one of those annoying things I hate about being natural... just the extra time it takes to "prep" your hair for a style. Anyways, doing my hair the night before only took about 20 or so mins and saved me that time in the morning. If you do your hair in the mornings and that same style can be achieved the night before, I'd highly suggest

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