Dec 12, 2015

Day 4: Rise and Shine Turn Up (aka I got 8 hrs of sleep) #5amChallenge

Guess who got a lot of sleep? This girl right here! Day 3 was beyond difficult for me, but day 4 was a breeze! I was in bed super early and was able to get over 8 hours of quality sleep. Completely in a state of bliss. Winning.

It was another busy day at work, but getting 8 hours of sleep the night before helped prep me to tackle everything the day threw my way. I was actually shocked that I was able to make it through the day with a positive attitude, but I think the coffee cart at work and 2 double Café Cubanos helped a ton. Sidebar: That's one of my favorite coffee drinks. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out.

At this point, the day really is a blur... but I was proud of myself for going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, snoozing less, and prioritizing my sleep. The older I get the more I value sleep and don't mind being the captain of #TeamTurnDown. For what? For everything! Turning down is pretty damn awesome at this point in my life and 8 hours of sleep was literally everything.
Fitbit Sleep Tracker - Day 4

Day 4 Tips:

Going to be earlier helped out a ton! I also was able to wake up earlier, get more sleep, and save time throwing my hair up in a bun. I had an early call at work, so I was forced to not be on "fuck shit" and actually wake up and get there an hour earlier. I realized that I could probably start aiming to get to work 30-60 mins earlier each day and having more time to ease into my day. On top of that, I'd be able to LEAVE earlier! Praise the lord... nothing like being able to take back some of your day. On the flip side, if I didn't want to get to work any earlier, I could devote that time in the morning to working on myself :)

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