Dec 6, 2015

If you're bored, Read a book #TheAlchemist

I think I'm part of the last generation who were told to "go read a book" if they ever complained about being bored. Tonight (Read: Saturday Night), I decided to crack open a book that had been collecting dust on my bookshelf since February.

I was originally gifted "The Alchemist" back in February during a gift exchange with some girlfriends, but hadn't taken the time to read it. I remember hearing great reviews from people, but I ended up enjoying the way the book thickened up my bookshelf more than having the desire to actually read it.

A blogger I follow (McKenzieRenae) recently posted about recognizing moments in your life that can serve as a "jumpstart" to something amazing. She recommended "The Alchemist" as a good book to read and I realized that was the same book that'd been sitting on my shelf for months.

Keeping it 100 -- This is the first book I've read in years and honestly, it made me excited to 1) Get through the whole thing in one night and 2) Actually read a book instead of watching Netflix/Hulu or wasting hours on the internet. I feel inspired to start reading more books again, so if you have any suggestions please send them this way! I've been fanning out over Mindy Kaling lately, so I think I may pick up her book "Why Not Me?" next.

My snazzy way of taking notes lol #StayWoke


Aramide said...

First, I'm loving the new look of STS. (Sorry if I'm super late on that lol). Second, I've jumped back into wanting to read more as well. I'm currently reading Shonda Rhimes' book "The Year of Yes" and it is really good. I'm enjoying it. I suggest picking that up for your next read! :)

Ishea said...

@ Aramide - Thanks for the suggestion! I saw Shonda Rhimes on Super Soul Sunday and knew I needed to add "The Year of Yes" to my reading list! I'm thinking about starting that in January... start the year off right.

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