Dec 3, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Start to Finish" Season 6 Episode 8 #TheWalkingDead (Mid-Season Finale)

Thoughts while watching the show:

1. Here we go with this creepy ass fucking kid again. Look at him with that whole setup, complete with creepy drawings.

2. Those ants are kinda symbolic of how the walkers got into their area.

... so far this is the weakest intro all season ...

3. Uh oh... those walkers are going to just appear out of that mist. This sucks...

4. Didn't they get up on Rick pretty fast? Like, that timing seems VERY off.

5. Deanna is so fucking nuts. She's a damn liability. "No, WE need to get back..." Then she's not even shooting well.

6. Come on Carol!! We can't be falling down and shit.

7. Deanna is gonna get someone hurt or killed.

8. Why was Maggie on the ground that long? What's wrong with her? She's acting really stupid. They're gonna knock that platform down. Maggie was really stupid right now.

9. Eugene is over here sucking as usual. "Help..." he always has someone save him. Dude... step the fuck up!!!

10. I'm glad that chick Rick liked stepped up and got her shit together. Finally one of the Alexandrians is acting clutch. There goes their little town.

11. I'm glad Glenn is still thinking.

12. That kid is definitely going to grow up and murder someone. Like, for sure... we're certain of death, taxes, and that creepy ass kid.

13. I'm glad Carol and Morgan are stuck together. I hope they can work out their differences.

14.  He has that W guy down there? Ick. He's so creepy... and this guy is gonna fuck around and mess more stuff up. What kind of wound is that?

15. * GASP * OH WOW.... She got bit!!! OMG. I knew she was gonna fuck something up. Bye Deanna.

16. Deanna has a super long monologue.

17. This kid is really gonna try and kill Carl? He's so fucking crazy. This kid is stupid. He's so stupid. He's going to get everyone killed. That kid sucks.

18. Carl is gonna have to shoot him.

... my heart is seriously beating out through my chest ...

19.  Deanna is gone. Holy shit! Did Deanna eat the baby? Holy shit... I can't handle these people. They're making me nervous. Making me shake and shit.

20. "Or that you can grow one hell of a beard..." Deanna cracking jokes on her way out lol... #BeardSeason

21. Oh, I forgot that Glenn is still out there. He can maybe help them. I totally forgot that Abraham, Daryl and Sasha were still gone.

22. I hope Carol is okay.wait... where'd she go? She's a sneaky mf'er. What? She's off the chain!!

23. Damn... that kid really fucked them.They're trapped in that house.

24. Are Morgan and Carol gonna go at it over that W guy?

25. Ugh. This is so disgusting. Gutting those things.

26. Okay Michonne. That's enough of a conversation. Leave her there. Y'all gotta go. This is a touching moment... but Michonne is the boo. She needs to get out of there.

27. "What do you want? Now you figure it out." - Deanna

28. This little boy is having a break down and she needs him to be clutch right now. motherhood has a lot of pep talks.

29.  <SCREAMED> Holy fucking shit... Morgan AND Carole are knocked the fuck out. This sucks. They're so foolish.

30. Cam'ron with this lackluster boost of confidence.

31. If Morgan AND Carole die this episode... Ugh! Don't lower your guns. They're all stupid. The nurse is gonna die? He's taking her? Everyone has been stupid this episode.

32. This is a really tense scene with them walking with the walkers.

33. This little boy is gonna fuck it up....

wait... that's the end? Okay. Slow clap for Walking Dead producers. They did a phenomenal job wrapping up for the mid-season finale.

34. Oh wait. I totally forgot about Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. Uh oh. Who are those bike gang dudes? They should've just mowed them down.

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