Nov 24, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Heads Up" Season 6 Episode 7 #TheWalkingDead

I was so excited for this week's episode that shortly after the opening started I paused the TV and jumped up and down lol. I had to give myself a moment to get hyped up before I figured out what happened to Glenn...

Thoughts while watching the show...

1.Oh... they were tearing him up... that's some fucking stroke of luck to not get eaten. Look at Glenn surviving and what not underneath whatever he just crawled into.


3. Nooooooo.... I just screamed.

4. These zombies look terrible.

5. Having to look at Nicolas is pretty fucking disgusting.

6. Can we just admit that in the "real" zombie world Glenn wouldn't have survived. Sidebar: Steven Yeun is pretty damn hot.

7. What! Who the fuck is that? Enid? Why was she there? She's so emo and random. "I said heads up.." with a fucking attitude. Why is she living there? She just didn't want to be there? I'm trying to make sense of her emo ways.

8. Shit, I'd probably leave her overly emotional ass there. I'm learning that I'm more and more like Shane lol.

9. Glenn looks good with longer hair.

10. He should grow out his stache...

11. Enid is gonna fuck around and get yoked up.

12. Hasn't Glenn had enough of chasing after people. Like, dude... they're on some bs and playing childhood games. I'd keep it moving and leave her ass. Especially when you JUST had ol' dude eaten up on top of your fucking body. Like, nah... nope. All the "nopes" in the world. I'm not fucking with it.

13. Morgan and that damn stick lol...

14. Kinda funny that they're both British.

15. That blood is seeping through the walls?

16. Uhhh... Rick is trying to talk Maggie out of leaving her man behind? The fuck? Nah son... you know she's not about to leave.

17. That baby is starting to look like Shane lol (re: Judith)

18. Who is that? Ick... weird eye zombie! Gross. Oh... wait, that was the guy!! Oh, he's putting the peices of the puzzle together!

19. Cam'ron (aka Gabriel) stays on some bullshit. Like, where did he find duck tape? Wait... that's wrong. ducT tape? yes. Duct Tape... where'd he find that?

20. I think that teenage boy is gonna try and kill Rick or maybe Carl. He's gonna turn that gun on Carl... That boy is gonna fuck him up. He's gonna try and shoot that gun by himself and fuck everything up for tall of them.

21. Morgan doesn't want any fucking Oatmeal... especially when it looks like silly putty. Or slop...

22. Morgan is acting really weird. Oh wait... I forgot that Morgan let those people go. That sucks they attacked Rick. I honestly forgot about that shit. I've only been focused on Glenn.

23. I must admit that Morgan is making a very compelling argument... and I'm seriously impressed with his honesty. #AllLifeIsPrecious

24. How many zombies are in there? That's the church buckling!!! Oh no... that's gonna be crazy.

25. Rick kinda sucks right now.... and here comes Deanna and her crazy ass.

26. They have Rosita teaching them? Lol...Oooh shit! She is getting bad ass.

27. I like that they gave Rosita more lines this week. I take back what I said in #26 lol. She's putting Eugene in his place.

28. Something is about to happen. fa; <---- Screamed and jumped out of my damn skin when Glenn came up behind her.

29. Why does she have so much attitude?

30. I wouldn't know how to build anything in this world.

31. Glenn is saving souls out here in Alexandria.

32. He's going to get bullets. That little fuck. I know he's gonna fuck something up for everyone.

33. Holy shit. That guy is on that rope! This sucks. He's gonna die... actually Rick may kill him.

34. What does Morgan have up his sleeve? Who is wounded? Oh, Carol is gonna be all over it.

35. That little boy and his bowl haircut lol....

36. Is that boy going to kill Carl?

37. Oh.. the balloons. Oh shit... the church is falling.

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