Nov 10, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Now" Season 6 Episode 5 #TheWalkingDead

The level of anticipation I'm feeling as I prepare to watch this episode of Walking Dead!!!! My God... I can feel the nerves running through my body. All I can think about is Glenn and wondering if he's alive or dead. I'm like scared to even start the episode because right now he's still capable of being alive in my mind. Once I press "play" and find out what really happened, I'll be forced to come to terms with his outcome and whether or not he survived the zombie horde. Damn them for creating this show! I can't remember the last time I was so wrapped up in something.

Thoughts while watching the show:

1. Deanna looks older and older each episode. I bet the stress in real life would age you like that.

2. I wonder if the smell is bad with all those bodies. They aren't acting like it stinks. Maybe they got used to it.

3. Holy fuck balls!!!! All those zombies. (screamed aloud like 4 times lol)

4. Nope. Nope. Nope. All the nopes in the world.

5. Yeah, y'all need to reinforce those walls lol.

6. Shit just get real for these Alexandria folks.

7. Damn. 20 deep? These people looks SHOOOOOOOOOOOOK.

8. Rick is doing a lot of wishful thinking in this speech.

9. Carl must've had a growth spurt. He's tall now.

10. Deanna is such an old hag. Walking away all slow in those orthopedic shoes lol...

11. Gonna vomit looking at that blood.

12. Just burn them... don't dig graves.

13. These people bitching about food and shit. They can't survive shit. (My boyfriend in the background: "Motherfucking civilians! I hate civilians.")

14. Bruce ain't about shit. He looks like he's been on fuck shit since before the zombie apocalypse.

15. Glenn's name is on there! Oh man.... Maggie is leaving! She's gonna go find her man. Maggie has been about that life.

16. This is the easiest scene ever for Maggie to shoot. Look determined and pissed off with minimal lines. Nice

17. Apparently Deanna snapped out of whatever trance she was in. Wait... I don't know what that says. maybe she didn't lol.

18. White kids are always spazzing out on their parents lol. Deanna is gonna end up killing herself or something. I bet we see her name added to the wall by the end of the episode.

19. This punk ass kid. Carl has a gun on him. Shocked he hasn't channeled his dad yet and killed that other kid.

20. She's the most stressed out doctor ever. She makes me feel nervous.

21. Screamed at the top of my lungs when that walker came up to the window lol...

22. Those people are all gonna die by the end of the episode.

23. Walking through the sewer? Fuck no. All the fucks in the world no.

24. I wouldn't be walking down in that tunnel. He hasn't been there since the beginning? That means he doesn't know what else is down there.alsdl; <---- screamed and jumped when another walker jumped out lol. This show has me screaming like a crazy person lol.

25. Shit! I screamed again.

26. That bad ass kid is gonna push Rick over the wall. I don't trust him. I'm so suspicious of everyone.

27. I knew that chick was a lesbian.

28. They're really comfortable down there with all those walkers.

29. Oh, that kid is creepy as fuck. I'm not bringing the cookies up there. Little boy looks like he'll throw you down the stairs. Sidebar: who's giving him that fucked up haircut? Lol...

30. Deanna is fucking stupid. Yeah, she has a bit of heart but shit... stab in the head! "I wanna live. I want this place to stay standing." - Deanna

31. Where is Maggie going? Taking Glenn's name off of the wall. They can leave Nicholas' name up there. He's not coming back lol.

32. What's this chick crying about? Did Abraham not make it back? Oh wait... yeah, that's what she's probably crying about.

33. Damn, that's a lot of walkers.

34. "Finally! Let's get this dude laid. He may actually chill the fuck out and not kill nobody." - my boyfriend

35. What's Deanna doing? She's so fucking stupid. This bitch is trying to feel alive and shit. Ugh!

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