Nov 2, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Here's Not Here" Season 6 Episode 4 #TheWalkingDead

Have you ever been forced to carry on small talk with someone at a party while waiting in agony for the person you really wanted to walk through the door?  That's how I felt this entire episode... Like I was being forced to entertain Morgan when all I really wanted was to see Glenn walk through the door lol.

In fact they really should have called this one "The Morgan Episode" because that's all it was about. I had high hopes, but it turned into more of a "character building/backstory" episode for Morgan. Yes, Morgan... which is fine, but the entire episode I kept thinking about Glenn and wondering if he was really dead. Would we see him turned as a walker? Would he survive that zombie horde? I had so many questions and remembered Talking Dead mentioning something about viewers seeing Glenn in SOME form on episode 4, so I was holding my breath. Glenn was never addressed. In fact, the entire episode was a flashback to just how nuts Morgan was (killing anything and everything) and showed the relationship between him and the man who taught him Aikdo and "The Art of Peace." I proceeded to call this character "chubby Kevin Spacey" because I forgot the character's actual name, but dude really looked like a larger Kevin Spacey lol.

Keeping it 100, my boyfriend and I dozed off while watching this episode. Maybe because we had to watch on Amazon Prime and were counting down to Midnight when the show would post online, or the fact that the episode only featured 2 real characters (3 if you count the goat) and their long monologues. Regardless of that, the major takeaways were gaining a deeper understanding of just how nuts Morgan was and just how necessary it was for him to gain that sense of zen. I saw some people post online that this episode was "brilliant" and it made me scratch my head. Am I missing something? Brilliant? Nah... it was just okay.

Thoughts while watching the episode:

1. Morgan is really gone

2. Oooh! That dude just jumped out the fire.

3. I have to remember to give Morgan credit for being able to survive so well on his own.

4. Holy shit!!! He legit just killed dude. Wowzers.

5. "You goin'" -- scary ass Morgan. He legit just strangled this guy with his bear hands. No wonder he's so zen now.

6. That's a beautiful field.

7. That's a trap... with the goat... must be.

8. Talk and have some fallafel? Random as hell lol...

9. sfa <--- jumped out of my skin when the dude wacked him over the head lol...

10. Is that Kevin Spacey? Maybe it's Kevin Spacey's brother... they could be twins.

11. Ugh. Morgan yelling "kill me" is such Queen behavior lol... Calm the hell down.

12. "I wonder how he keeps the goat alive at night when it's dark and he's sleeping." - my boyfriend

13. So this dude is gonna be his sensei or something?

14. How does he have enough food for two people?

15. "These dudes need to be like super survivors, like on Naked and Afraid." - my boyfriend

16. Morgan is safer and eating better in there.

17. Question: If you hair was balding like that would you keep the sides? #Random

18. Holy shit. Did he just rage! Morgan needs to calm the fuck down. Dude is turnt.

19. Is he really gonna kill this guy?

20. "How the fuck does he weigh so much?" - my boyfriend on chubby Kevin Spacey.

21. Ohhh... the walker got the goat? Oh... and the goat is back to eating lol. That goat sucks.

22. Wait, they 've been burying the walkers? That's using up too much needed energy.

23. Oh man... he got bit. He's being so casual and chill about all of this.

<---- intermittently nodding off lol --------------------->

24. This W dude looks a bit like Skeet Ulrich in The Craft. Anyone else see it?

I hope the show gets back to answering more important questions that where Morgan got his sweet ninja moves next week...


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