Oct 26, 2015

The Walking Dead: "Thank You" Season 6 Episode 3 #TheWalkingDead

It's embarrassing to admit that I crawled out of a bed, from sleeping, to watch this week's episode as soon as it posted to Amazon Prime. With that said, this episode gave me a case of the blues. I can't believe he's gone. Like, he's really gone! I kept thinking to myself that something would happen and he could get himself out of that situation like every other time before. It didn't happen. I'm still in shock.

Sidebar: I looked at a few sites and they're all saying it's a good chance Glenn isn't dead. Nicolas' body could have fallen on top of him and been used as a shield. Another clue is that on The Taking Dead, they usually do a special segment to honor those who died during the episode. There was a lot of vague mentions when it came to Glenn. Another red flag? They nearly ALWAYS have the killed off castmates on the episode they leave. Glenn (Well, Steven Yeun) was nowhere to be found.

Thoughts while watching the episode:

1. The episode opening up with the group and the herd of walkers already has me on edge.

2. I literally cannot with this horn....

3. Ugh... and Nicolas is already having moments where he' staring off into the abyss.

4. Dr. Dre still has those braids.

5. A walker already got someone? Was that the dude who was just saying they wouldn't all make it?

6. These people are so fucking weak and annoying... already complaining about everything. My God!

7. Michonne has nice arms. Like a slightly toned down version of Angela Bassett.

8. Holy shit! Did that guy get bit? "We gotta keep moving?" Nope... WEEEEE gotta keep moving. You aren't part of that plan, sir.

9. Damn. Daryl just left like that? Wowzers...

10. This dude is kinda just being forced to walk off being shot in the foot? The other one is walking off a walker bite? They're gonna have to put him down at some point.

11. Nicolas is NOT a clutch player. They have entirely too many injured people trying to make it. This is gonna be hard.

12. Someone take Nicolas out of the front! He's not going to make it.

13. Dr. Dre has braids... and attitude!

14. Glenn, please don't be the hero! Don't have your story end on this episode. I don't think I can handle Glenn leaving tonight.

15. Nicolas is a recipe for disaster having him come. Just say no.

16. Is he about to write a letter to Maggie?

17. Rick looks sexy running down the street like that.

18. Oh no. Glenn just said "Good luck dumbass" -- they're tying it back to when he said that to him the first episode! Please don't let this be Glenn's last episode.

19. Thank you for checking Dr. Dre Michonne. She tried to channel Viola Davis. Not as strong, but she did a good job.

20. Can you hurry the fuck up Nicolas. Just like, hurry up. We don't need to hear the sad, sad story.

21. That girl is gonna knock something over and make noise.

22. Okay, Rick looks WAY less cute running down the street this time lol.

23. oh no. don't open the door.

24. *Jaw drops looking at the herd coming for Michonne

25. Okay. That girl is gone.

26. My nerves are too bad for this. Watching Michonne climb over that fence has my heart in my throat.

27. Dr. Dre is still kinda shooting like he's in Straight Outta Compton.

28. Just noticed is the 3 black people still going strong!

29. I cannot even stomach the situation Glenn is currently in. Like, have I even been watching this for longer than 20 mins? Too much. Unable to can. Nope. Nicolas is melting the fuck down.

30. I can't process what I just witnessed. Like, wait..... Glenn. Is. Gone. Really? and to go out like that? Survive ALL of this stuff and die like that? Shit.

31. afdw <---- really typed that because I nearly jumped out of my skin!! Who the fuck are the dudes in the truck? Are those wolves?

32. My heart cannot handle this episode. Holy shit.

33. Sidebar: Dope shot of Daryl hauling ass on that hog.

34. This is like the nightmare fucking episode from hell.

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