Oct 14, 2015

The Walking Dead: "First Time Again" Season 6 Episode 1 #TheWalkingDead

The episode starts off with that old chick (Deanna) who runs Alexandria telling the preacher (aka "bootleg Cam'ron") that he was wrong about Rick and the crew. I can't even remember how this lady was designated the leader, but I would've ousted her episodes ago.

So the first part of the episode started off in black and white. I was enjoying the finest treats Seattle has to offer and definitely slow to connect the "past" parts of the episode being in black and white, while the colored portion of the episode were in the present.

**The full episode is available on AMC's website without any login necessary!! Major kudos to them for taking advantage of their own advertising dollars and allowing more people to watch the show. Watch the pre-roll and then enjoy the entire episode -- click here for Episode 1 **

Thoughts while watching the show:

1) Who put Eugene in charge of Gate Duty? I mean... he's such a fucking dope! Ugh... he bugs me out...

2) But not as much Dr. Dre and his fuzzy ass braids! "DR. DRE HAS BRAIDS!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

3) Wait, did Eugene just tell Dr. Dre that he respects his hair game? Lol... that's funny.

4) Would you watch the entire season in black and white? Does it make you pay attention more since you're not focused on the colors?

5) Rick's bandaids were all over the place lol...

6) That's a lot of zombies in that pit... and that kid was way too chill to have been that close to death.

7) Daryl riding up slow on that hog was the BEST freaking scene ever. He's so dope and currently my favorite character

8) Rick must've forgot that he had just killed that kid's dad... he needs to chill a bit.

9) They finally let Michonne take off that ridiculous du-rag during the town meeting.

10) Where'd they get balloons? Lol...

11) Rick was a sucker to fall that fast for the chick with the husband, 2 kids, and shit ton of problems. She was a major red flag. He needs to be watching Carl instead of chasing the P.

12) Where have they been finding all of these bullets?

13) Eugene's hungry ass was in that pantry looking for crackers lol. What a dope.

14) Boyfriend made a valid point -- Carter couldn't kill the walkers earlier, but was ready to kill Eugene? Dude... you're not believable. I need to see more people AND receipts.

15) Carter is worthless. Total lemon. Let's return him and get our money back.

16) Morgan is so shiny in these black and white scenes. He looks like he's doing the oil cleansing method or something. Shine on 100 hundred. thousand. million.

17) How did Carter get put in the front? Put that fool all the way in the back... or in the middle.

18) Carter's screaming was PAINFUL!!!!! My God. I could feel that.

19) Judith doesn't look like Rick's baby. If Laurie was still here I'd suggest asking for a test. That's Shane's baby.

20) Sasha is going to have a gnarly amount of new growth whenever she can do her hair again. It's gonna look dope.

21) Where did that horn come from? Oh man... can't wait to see what happens!

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Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1) "Who put Eugene in charge of Gate Duty?" -- Great question!I wouldn't trust that fool to do anything EVER! Him or that priest!

2) That braid wig was the wackest. Somebody needs to get on better styling for black characters. I saw that that is the characters real hairstyle in the comics.

4)I would as a fan of the show, but I wouldn't like it. lol

5) "Rick's band-aids were all over the place"-- Exaggeratedly so! I was like daang Rick!

7) Daryl is so dope! Indeed!

8) Rick is acting VERY erratic! That boy don't want no new daddy. I didn't even know that lady had another son.

10) "Where'd they get balloons?" -- Same question I asked. They look like a town that celebrates birthdays tho. So probably in that pantry. lol

11) Shane did that same thing tho. He thought Rick was dead and moved right in on Lori. The comparisons this season...

12) "Where have they been finding all of these bullets?" AND guns?? They have like ALL the guns and bullets!! lol

14) But Eugene had already been sized up as a punk so killing him wouldn't be hard. That was Carter's "get hard" moment. lol

16) You leave my Morgan ALONE! lololol Skin on fleek!

17) On purpose, to die, like he did! lol

19) I said the same... Or they just need to be consistent with the baby actor. The last baby looked like them.


Great recap!

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