Oct 20, 2015

The Walking Dead: "JSS" Season 6 Episode 2 #TheWalkingDead

Can we take a moment to give Carol a slow cap for being the illest, trillest, baddest bitch in Alexandria!!! She's not only holding shit down, but she knows how to effectively turn the fuck up when it matters! Carol, you are the true MVP! Her character has grown so much from the abused, meek and mild woman in Season 1 to this kick ass, take names, then come back and kill them later chick she is today. Carol is my spirit animal. I want to be her when I grow up.

Now that my love fest for Carol is out of the way, here are my thoughts while watching episode 2:

1. She's gonna eat that turtle... yep, she ate the turtle. Extra rare.

2. JSS... okay, I get it. You love your initials. Fuck. (Later realized these weren't her initials, but short for "Just Survive Somehow" lol...)

3. Could you even begin to imagine being that young and alone in this zombie apocalyptic world! Sheesh... that has to be terrifying.

4. Carol is a sleeper cell. I like that.

5. And here we go... inspiration on how to get over your abusive dad's death from Carol! lol...

6. That's a really nice kitchen... the chick with the struggle life whose husband Rick killed.

7. Her son is in a constant state of emo.

8. Hair cuts? Teach your kid how to shoot that gun.

9. I'd hate to be the one to scrutinize the way someone looks on a big ass hd screen... but y'all Deanna looks hella old! Like she aged 10 years since last season.

10. Here comes fake Cam'ron (The Preacher). How is he keeping that white thing on his neck clean?

11. Here goes Carl getting in his feelings. Teenage love... ain't it grand lol. I hope he doesn't get as emo as his dad.

12. What the fuck!!!!!! (JAW DROPPED!!!!!)

13. She better get in that closet too! What the fuck...

14. Dude... they're just killing everyone!

15. Carl REALLY needs a hair cut.

16. Wait, these are the psycho folks carving shit into people's heads.

17. She had to do that mercy kill.

18. Oh, that's the horn.

19. "Aight." -- Morgan with the best line of the night.

20. Morgan... you DOOOOOO have to kill people. Fucking Christ. Morgan is quickly turning into a liability.

21. These people are worthless.

22. Me: Did Deanna just die? BF: Nah, she's just growing some balls.

23. Another worthless person... this fake ass doctor.

24. Carl should just let that teenage boy going through all that shit die. Let him see how long he can make it by himself.

25. She better get up off that floor.

26. Her son is going to have even MORE issues.

27. Why all this black on black VIOLENCE!!!! And no zombies in the scene. Carol is such a fucking bad ass.

28. Thank you Carol. Morgan needs to get his fucking life in order.

29. That guy must've been on like some bath salts or something. He didn't drop fast.

30. I don't think I could get used to trying to stab someone in the head.

31. I think she's gone. They better stab her before she turns.

32. They do realize she's going to turn right?

33. Well, Deanna... get over it! Everyone doesn't make it.

What were your thoughts on the episode? So far I'm really pleased with the way Season 6 is starting off. They're keeping it action packed, suspenseful, and full of shenanigans. Can't wait to see what happens next week.

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Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. And it looked extra nasty too! My first suspicion about her being... different.

2. JSS... "Just Survive Somehow" Curious about who told her that?

5. Carol has no feelings! You can't in no damn zombie apocalypse!

6. "That's a really nice kitchen." -- Said this! The fact that the houses start at 800K! Well damn!

7. Her son is on my nerves! Just like that he is the new Carl that I hated! lol

9. That's her weary look since her bae got killed.

10. LOL! He irks all my nerves and should be banished!

14. Those W-olves are CRAAAAAZY! All that slicing and chopping. Very graphic and gory I was stunned!

Carol was a m'fuckin BEAST!!!

Morgan disappointed me this week -- like he lived with some ninja monks or something. They need to reveal where he's been. I tweeted "there's no time for humility during a zombie apocalypse." He should have killed those 2 dudes the first time around!!

Dudes face when he realized his dropped bag may have lead the W to Alexandria... I thought I saw a pic of the farmhouse in the bag too. I might be trippin' tho.

I enjoyed this week way better than last! This was a truly exciting episode. I still missed my folks tho! Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Michonne needed to be there for this attack. Fewer people would have died. At the same time more Alexandria people need to die. They are definitely liabilities!

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