Oct 9, 2015

The cutest dog in Seattle @Khaleesi_GSD

Photo: James L.

I'm one of those annoying people who will listen to a story about your kids, then compare it to what I'm experiencing with my dog. Not only do I embrace the life of a pet parent, but I also believe wholeheartedly that my dog needs an ad campaign lol. A few days ago Khaleesi and I were in the park and approached by 2 photographers wanting to capture some images of us. I was like, "Khaleesi... this is your big moment to be a star! Don't mess this up." Armed with her favorite tennis ball and Chuckit!, I was able to hold her attention and help the photographer get some great shots.

I know everyone thinks their dog is the cutest, but I truly think Khaleesi is one of the cutest dogs in Seattle. She's beautiful, full of personality, has a tongue that gives Gene Simmons a run for his money, and her floppy ears are really working for her. Kinda like a model who works that tooth gap or insanely thick brows. Her floppy ears and long tongue are her signature looks. On top of that, her name is Khaleesi (dopest name ever) and she's basically a real life version of a dire wolf.

A big thank you to James L. for capturing all of these amazing photos of Khaleesi and I. Be sure to visit his page and see the rest of his awesome Seattle photography. Follow the latest pics of Khaleesi on her Instagram page!

Photo: James L.

Photo: James L.

Photo: James L.

Sidebar: Similar to how I got caught slipping back in March when the camera crew interviewed me while I was rocking that jacket with the stain (also walking khaleesi), this time the photographers approached me when I had a semi struggle bun and this unflattering shirt I've been meaning to throw out lol.

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