Dec 17, 2015

Custom Gold Diamond Script Necklace (via @sydneyevan)

I've never bought myself a piece of expensive jewelry, but that is all about to change -- I've found the most beautiful gold jewelry that needs to be mine -- the custom diamond script necklace from Sydney Evan!

My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw her jewelry in Neiman Marcus. It was gold, gorgeous, and eclectic! I've never experienced a designer whose pieces... every single piece... resonated with me. Rosanne Karnes, the founder of the brand, is officially my jewelry spirit animal.

I've decided that I'll invest in my first piece of "fancy" jewelry in 2016. The price makes me scrunch my face up a bit -- it'll be about $1610 for my name (not including tax/shipping) -- but I can't wait! I've had 3 gold nameplate necklaces to date (5 if you count the gold bar necklaces), but I've yet to have a REAL gold, diamond necklace. This is the personification of my gold accessory dreams come to life.

To see more of Sydney Evan's gorgeous designs check out the Instagram page.




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