Dec 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

I'm not a particularly festive person, but I had the most random dream last night. I dreamt that I was sitting in-between my grandmother's legs and she was combing my hair. Mind you, this never actually happened in real life with my grandmother while she was alive. Anyways, she was trying to tell me a story of historical significance to our family, but I woke up before she could finish and I woke up with the funniest feeling -- just instantly feeling like I needed to celebrate Christmas NOT really for myself, but as a way of honoring all of those who have left and aren't here to celebrate.

I've never bought into the commercialized hype of how materialistic Christmas has become, but the focus on family, love, and togetherness has always been important to me. There was something about waking up still feeling the warmth, security, and just overall feeling of love I had in my dream that really made me smile. And I should note that while my grandmother was alive  (maternal side) she wasn't necessarily known for her warm touch lol. I think that's why I was so blown away by the comfort I felt in my dream.

With that said, Happy holidays to everyone across the Globe using this time to reflect on their blessings, celebrate the loved ones in their lives, and turn up OR down. I woke up this morning and spent time walking the water with Khaleesi, taking in nature and meditating on the year we've had. I'm also spending my Christmas day watching Netflix/Hulu, double-fisting wine AND eggnog, and regretting on now buying more snacks when I was at the grocery store yesterday. Domino's is closed. My heart is aching lol.

Merry Christmas.

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