Dec 11, 2015

Day 3: So...freaking...tired #5amChallenge

Day 3 was the most difficult day for me so far. Not only did I get the least amount of sleep so far this week (under 6 hours), but I also ended up having a really hectic day at work. I came home exhausted, defeated, and craving sleep! I was seriously curled up in bed by 530p. I knew I needed to purge out my negative energy, so I ended up having a roasting session in GroupMe with some girlfriends!! It was hilarious to talk shit with friends for an hour and let out some belly laughs. Laughter really does heal a lot of ailments. Next up was an aura protection bath to help rid myself of that negative energy and usher in some fresh, positive vibes. I used a recipe I found from The Hood Witch and it was truly relaxing.

Fitbit Sleep Tracker - Day 3

Hump day can always be a toss up as to whether or not it'll be smooth sailing or a shit show, but I learned my lesson not getting enough sleep. It was hard to make it through the day and even though I was still early to work (only by a few mins), I realized that sleep really was the foundation for setting myself up for success. Dragging sucks.

Day 3 Tips
I was able to save a lot of time in the morning by cutting out things that waste time, streamlining certain processes, and just not being on fuck shit. You know, just saying no to fuck boy shit to get my life together lol (and yes, you can be a woman and still be considered a fuck boy). Anyways, the main ways I saved time in the morning:

1. Not spending 10 mins scrolling through my Instagram feed. I'm not sure if I'm alone in this, but I tend to go to bed and wake up looking at Instagram. In the morning, right after I hit my alarm... I tend to "wake up" by laying in bed and looking through Instagram. This is a huge time suck and something I've actually enjoyed passing on in the morning.

2. Drying off in the shower. This may seem weird, but I usually get out of the shower and start wasting time (small amounts) moving slow, drying off slow, fumbling around with my "rise and shine" Spotify playlist. Those minutes add up, so I started drying off in the shower before I get out and it's saved me at least 5-10 mins.

3. Putting on my body oil before I leave the bathroom. Just like I wouldn't dry off in the shower, I'd move around and start doing other stuff and wait a while to moisturize my body. I don't really know why, but it's just another time waste for me. I've started drying off in the shower and then putting on my body oil as soon as I get out. It's been awesome to streamline my process and really realize where I've been wasting time. Even small amounts of time can add up to a ton of wasted time in the morning.

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