Jan 2, 2016

Where to go for Braids & Twists in Seattle

2.5 years after moving to Seattle I FINALLY found a braider I want to rave about! Her name is Michelle "Mimi" Lee and her hands are touched by the Lord.

Being a transplant in Seattle, the term "closed mouths don't get fed" rings very true. If you don't make the effort to reach out to people and ask questions, you can remain relatively in the dark on dope stuff in the city. This includes hairstylists. For some reason, locals will know about dope stuff, but there is zero transfer of this knowledge. This is something I've found extremely frustrating, but y'all know me -- I'm ALWAYS going to keep my ear to the streets and share the information I find.

So, when I was walking to breakfast one day and passed a woman with amazing cornrows (the style I was currently obsessing over), I had to stop her. She was really friendly and gave me the contact info for her stylist and I followed up right away.

I can be a bit judgmental when it comes to researching a business and their digital presentation online... and although Michelle is still growing hers, seeing her work in-person is what sealed the deal for me. Any reservations I had on the "look" of her Instagram page was trumped by the fact I'd seen her work in person and was sold. I wish this was uncommon, but since moving to Seattle I've seen so many small business owners struggling to promote themselves. I was (and am) excited to share my experience with Michelle, the quality of her work, and send people her way. Knowledge is nothing without sharing it.

My Experience
Michelle and I did most of our communication via Facebook (her preferred method of communication right now) and she was friendly and extremely patient with me and all my questions. I think it's very important to give a stylist as much information as possible, so I sent her pictures showing the length, size, and color of the style I wanted. I also sent her a picture of my hair so she was able to get an idea of the texture and color because I wanted an ombre look. Once we were on the same page re: the style I wanted, Michelle gave me the pricing for the style with the option of me getting the hair OR having her get the hair for me. I don't mind paying for convenience and I didn't have time (or the desire) to look for the hair, so I paid a bit more to have her get it for me.

Michelle does hair out of her home located in Burien, WA (20 mins South of downtown Seattle). She has a separate room on the first floor of her home and it's a relatively standard set-up. The chair was comfy enough and she had a movie playing. My favorite part? Her 2 adorable dogs lol. The smallest, cutest things.

Contact Info
Michelle is in the process of revamping her booking system, but for now she prefers having everything filtered through her personal Facebook page. She's a really warm person who loves connecting with potential clients before they book, so sending her a Facebook message is the perfect first step. Let her know Ishea sent you!!

Michelle's Facebook
Michelle's Instagram

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