Oct 25, 2010

Hello World...

Okay, so I've been out of the blogging loop for about a good 2 weeks now! My girlfriend got married, my husband got back from Afghanistan and last week we started the 2000 mile journey to our new home. In short, life started happening and I've been trying to tread water through all of this stuff. We're currently in the midst of our move, but I finally found some time to give my blog some TLC and a much needed quality post. I don't think I've ever gone this long without posting consistently.

Now that I'm calling South Carolina home I must say that I was in HEAVEN when I visited my local Target. Having lived in Arizona for quite some time I got used to stores not catering to black anything. Imagine my surprise when I walked into Target and was greeted by every black hair care product known to man... an entire aisle devoted to black hair care!!!

Turning the corner things only got better when I saw all of the natural hair care products on display. My curls started to dance.... None of the Arizona Target stores have a setup like this and it was beyond refreshing. I dropped to my knees and started thanking the heavens for blessing my strands with this type of hair candy.

I've been dying to try all of the curly hair products that Target now carries and will be going full blown product junkie in the coming weeks. Please expect to see a few hair posts.
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