Oct 29, 2010

N♥il Art: Creamy Fall/Winter Tones

One of my favorite nail polish blogs, All you Desire, recently showed off a stunning shade from SpaRitual's Fall 2010 Imagine Collection called A world of Compassion. This creamy color is the perfect marriage of blue/purple with gray undertones.

I've toned down the nail art as of late, instead opting to rock classic nudes and subtle tones. Once I saw this shade I was instantly obsessed and started trying to hunt it down. I wasn't familiar with SpaRitual and was slightly disappointed to discover they're only sold in salons. Of course that wasn't going to hold me back so I put on my thinking cap, headed to Ulta and searched for a comparable shade.

I hit the jackpot with CHI's "In Between the Sheets". Now, this is my first time using any of the nail lacquer's from CHI but so far so good. It's not an exact match, but this shade works great with my skin tone so I'm a happy camper.

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