Oct 5, 2010

TV Junkie: Monday Night

Real Housewives of Atlanta (7p Bravo)

It's time for some Southern drama, Atlanta style! The new season of Real Housewive's of Atlanta started Monday night and the theatrics were in full effect... and not just Sheree's attempt at taking acting classes. First off, has anyone noticed how all these women are surrounded by their gay best friends? I guess this would be hard to avoid living in Atlanta. Anyways, the shit was already hitting the fan in the new episode with Nene and Greg having marital problems and Dwight spreading rumors about both her and Sheree. The funniest thing? Sheree claiming that if Dwight had any money to loan out to someone he'd go ahead and get his nose fixed!!! I was belly laughing... gotta love Nene for her fabulous 1-liners. "Who doesn't want to breathe?" *dead*

The ladies headed to the B Chic shoe party and was I the only one wondering where the cute shoes were? Most of those shoes were hideous... seasons old designer shoes or not... I'd pass. The highlight was Nene getting in Dwight's face, handing him the $500 check... him tearing it up into pieces and tossing it in the air, and Nene appearing seconds away from knocking him out!

On to Phaedra, one of the newest additions... I like her. Why? Because she has a legit career, her own money and success... made her husband sign a pre-nup and overdoses on colorful eyeliner!! Not to mention she hasn't let pregnancy throw a monkey wrench in her fashion plans. I think the Southern Belle act is over the top but I'm looking forward to seeing if she grows on me.

Lisa being gone hasn't stopped the show and in all honesty Kandi could probably leave too and I wouldn't notice...

90210 (8p CW)

Is anyone else wondering how Ivy's annoying houseguest Oscar can hang around the high school like he's a student there? On top of that, is Evan Ross Michael Jackson's son? Lord... he looks just like him. Onto the show... Dixon finds out that his ex Sasha tested HIV positive... all while Ivy is waiting in her bedroom to lose her virginity to him *the plot thickens* Adriana's new manager is next level creepy... I'd almost rather watch her confess to stealing Javier's songs than see their creepy interaction.

Dancing with the Stars (7p ABC)

Kyle Massey and Lacey are still my favorites!!! Period. I voted for them. Hope they make it another week.

Ones to Watch:
1) World of Jenks (10p MTV)
2) Thintervention (7p Bravo)
3) Little People, Big World (530p TLC)

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